Kick Color Fear Today

My first memory of bold color in a room was when my mom painted the wood floor in our bathroom pink. Pepto Bismol pink. (Unlike the drop-dead-sexy pink you see here). That event must have sealed my lust for big, bold, saturated colors. Today’s post is intended to launch you out of your seat and into your nearest paint store. These luscious, daring, colorful homes are literally eye candy. Every color is represented as well as bold patterns and textures. Paint gives you the most bang for your design buck, but some people just can’t make the leap or have really lame landlords. In those cases, I’ve also included ideas for wallcovering and accessories. Finally, don’t be afraid to use bold color in a small space! It will really amp up the happy factor. Now, let’s go to candy land, starting with my current obsession. Pink.

Via Domino

 Via HGTV  

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