How to Design a Stylish & Family-Friendly Home

How to Design a Stylish & Family Friendly Home -

Today we have a question from a follower who is struggling to have a home with style while also being family friendly. She asks...

Every day at nap time I feel like the house looks amazing. Then everyday by 5 o’clock, the place is in shambles. I see all the magazines of clear counters, crisp clean areas and then I look at my house. I have a 3 and 1 year old who seem to love ripping things off shelves and destroying everything in site. How can I still have design and style while also being family-friendly?
— Katie from Denver

You can check out my video Q&A or read on for 5 favorite tips for a stylish & family-friendly home. 

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#1 Upholstered Furniture

Your seating is typically the biggest furniture investment you’ll make. A lot of people think that with kids, they’re stuck with dark furnishings. The truth is, you have more options than you think. 

If you love the look of crisp white linen sofas try a slip covered sofa. Trust me, they have come a long way from the frumpy country look of yesteryear. Today you can find chic yet casual sofas with removable AND washable covers. 

Leather is another great option. You might pay a little more upfront, but it is a supremely durable option and will last long after your kids are grown.  

Try: Z Gallerie Theodore Sofa, $1499+.


#3 Ottomans

Hands down, the absolute best of the best choice for a kid friendly living room is a round, leather storage ottoman. For a few reasons. 

   #1 Soft edges prevent everyday tumbles from turning into an ER visit.

   #2 Spills are easily wiped up

   #3 Slobbery teething babies are no match for the durability of leather upholstery.

   #4 Built-in storage makes cleaning up a breeze…just toss it in and be done. 

   #5 You can top it with a tray for drinks when necessary.   

Try: Restoration Hardware Teen Tufted Large Round Leather Storage Ottoman, $1349 +.

#3 Tables

If you prefer a table, choose a circular shape if you have little ones just learning to walk. Polished marble or solid wood are options that will age gracefully over time. 

Try: West Elm Reeve Mid-Century Oval Coffee Table, $799.

#4 Storage

Let’s face it, kid’s stuff is not very attractive. Providing them with simple storage solutions that THEY can handle will make your life easier. Baskets under tables is a personal favorite. So are bookshelves with cabinet doors or drawers down below. Whatever storage option you choose, the key is to not only provide easy access but also teach kids to put away their toys. You’re teaching your children critical life skills while also boosting their self-esteem. 

Try: Pottery Barn Reynolds Bookcase, $3295.

#5 Wall Paint

It’s no secret I love white walls. I even have them in my own kid’s playroom. Regardless of your color choice, I’m a huge fan of Sherwin William’s “Duration” brand interior latex paint.  It’s not only wipeable, but also has low VOC’s. Those are the toxic fumes found in paints and you definitely don’t want those around children. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Paint is no exception. Spend a little more upfront on high quality paint and you won’t find yourself repainting in just a few years. 

Try: Sherwin Williams Duration Home Interior Latex Paint, $60.99.

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