We work with homeowners like you who crave a functional, stylish interior but are paralyzed when it comes to designing your own space. Maybe you’re afraid of making mistakes or you feel overwhelmed with options, so you end up doing nothing. Whatever the reason, you are stuck in a home you don’t love. But you don’t have to be!

You deserve a home you are proud of.  


Photo: Emily Redfield

Photo: Emily Redfield

  • Do you feel "stuck” with a funky layout or a hodgepodge of hand-me-down furniture?

  • Would you like to have more friends and family over but you’re worried the space is cramped or doesn’t function well?

  • Are you ready to invest on that one special room that desperately needs a makeover but you’re afraid of overspending or not loving the result?


What if you...

...could work with a professional interior designer without breaking the bank?

...had a clear vision for your room knowing where to splurge and where to save?

...could come home to a room that made you feel relaxed and happy?

...had a layout that was practical, functional, and pretty?

...enjoyed having friends and family over and felt pride in your home?


HappyBox is Designed for You. 


HappyBox is a collaborative eDesign service that allows you to work one-on-one with a professional interior designer helping you make smart design decisions and still have money to spend on your new furnishings.  


What is the Process? 

What is Included

With HappyBox you will get everything you need to create a beautiful & functional home on a budget you can live with. Here is what you’ll find in your HappyBox. 

3 Ways HappyBox is Different 

HappyBox is a premium eDesign service that gives you one-on-one professional interior design while still being able to afford the new furnishings you want. I’ve seen other eDesign services out there and I know HappyBox is different. Here’s how. 


#1 You have the opportunity to work closely with me to tweak the design until it’s perfect.

#2 You won’t be left to figure out things on your own. You have me as an ongoing resource along the way if you need it.

#3 You get a physical package which includes designer samples delivered to your home, making it easy to complete the look.


HappyBox Interior eDesign

What is My Investment? 


HappyBox Projects are $2500 and can be paid in 2 installments. 


Start with a 20 Minute Q&A Call

Imagine your life 6 months from now. Will you still be frustrated and uninspired by your home? Or will be enjoying your beautiful, functional, new space? 

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If you are interested in, or even the slightest bit curious about, interior design services definitely check out HappyBox.

I was clueless about interior design, if it was up to my husband and I our house would still look like a dorm room! After chatting with Kate about her Happy Box service - a reasonably priced way to get design services while learning and being involved in the process, we hired her to design our living room.

She was super easy and fun to work with, she incorporated my ideas and wishes for the room design with her own incredibly unique ideas and the room turned out better than I could have ever imagined. She made a potentially complicated and overwhelming process very manageable and enjoyable. She is truly awesome and I highly recommend her!
— Kristin C.
We really loved the design package, decorating ideas and how Kate put the room together with furniture, accessories and color scheme. She is great at summarizing our needs and taking the guesswork out of decorating a room!
— Amy L.
First of all (and this is a good thing!), Kate is not your mom’s Interior Designer. She is intuitive, creative to the max, friendly, open and insightful. She doesn’t “know best”, but instead encourages the client to explore how they would like their space to feel and function. Kate listens well and is a quick study to the client’s overall personality and what that means to designing the space. We felt that her services have a great ROI for your home (in strictly financial terms); however, the best gift is her ability to make your space a home!
— Sandi C.
I was always a little bit put off by the idea of getting a ‘designer.’ I was worried it would be too expensive and that I wouldn’t be able to use my own creativity or ideas if you hire someone to help you. Studio 7 Creative exceeded all expectations. Kate actually helped us save money over the long term by being able to look at our space more creatively and finding hidden spaces we couldn’t see. She also totally ‘got’ our style and helped us create a home that even feels more like us. The whole experience with Studio 7 Creative was a joy and we will use them again for our design needs.
— Caren B.

HappyBox Case Study & Room Tour

I understand eDesign is different and you probably have questions. That's why I've created this Case Study and Room Tour giving you a close-up look at a HappyBox eDesign Project from start to finish.  Watch an interview with my client to learn what hesitations she had and how she felt about the end result. 



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